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Family Activities in Courchevel

Discover the top Courchevel family activities



"Tir l'arc" with standard bow & arrows or crossbows. Practice your Robin of Sherwood skills in a tranquil alpine setting. Beginners can learn 'tir l'arc' from scratch and those with more experience can put their skills to the test. The Grandes Combes site is a great place to learn and improve your archery skills. Enjoy an afternoon or morning of archery in the wonderful peaceful mountain setting. 


Play badminton indoors at the sports centre in Le Praz. 

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Facilities to practice basketball are available at the multi-activity sports hall in the sports centre at Courchevel

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Beach Activities

Beach volleyball in the heart of the French Alps may sound strange but in Courchevel Le Praz you can hop on the sand and play a game of volleyball with your friends or family. Choose from 2 of the free courts in Le Praz at the plateau, with tournaments held on a weekly basis you are sure to get into the volleyball summer spirit. The courts are open from 09:00 to 19:00 everyday throughout the summer. You can also play indoor Volleyball at the Sports Centre located in Le Praz. 

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Beaches in Courchevel

Canoeing / Kayaking

Canoe rafts are an unsinkable, stable type of inflatable canoe that allow you, without too much technique to profit fully from the joys and fun of white water river descent. The descents are taken on by groups of 4 to 5 boats, accompanied by a fully qualified guide. You are equipped with neoprene suits and shoes, a safety jacket and a helmet. The course which you take is chosen according to the water levels and experience of the participants.

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A not-so-gentle but extremely refreshing summer activity is one way to describe canyoning! Plunge yourself into the mountain streams via a series of abseil descents, jumps and natural water slides – just make sure you choose a warm day! You will make your way along rivers and rapids, using the river bed as a natural obstacle course. Not suitable for very young children, but anyone over the age of about 8 can take the (very cold) plunge and try canyoning. With the safety of a guide everyone can abseil down cascades, splash into pools and ride the river rapids. You can choose from short beginners’ routes or longer ones for the more adventurous.

Different companies will have their own policies on age limits but usually, unless they are booked onto a children's activity course, anyone under the age of about 14 years old will have to be accompanied by an adult. A basic level of swimming ability is required for safety reasons. There are a number of adventure companies that offer guided descents down the local waterways.

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Depending on the age of your child there are a number of childcare options available in Courchevel. There are also numerous babysitting and nursery facilities available in the area.

SnowBugs Private Nanny Service run a supervised Kids Zone for the Three Valleys Charity Day each year with a bouncy castle, toys and plenty of games so your family can easily play together. If you are looking for childcare whilst staying in Courchevel, SnowBugs offer a quality, friendly and trustworthy Private Nanny service throughout the winter season that is extremely flexible and tailor-made to every family.

The main winter establishments are the ski schools which offer a combination of tuition and childcare for children 3 years and older. You can book your child in for full or half day programmes and lunch can also be provided for an extra charge. You may find that the main sports centre of each town host a kidsclub during the summer holidays, normally from 1st July to 30th August, with activities such as swimming, climbing, tennis, basketball, ice-skating, etc. and organised hikes & picnics.

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Catch the latest films and releases in Courchevel on your winter or summer holiday. Some cinemas open their doors early on a bad weather day, otherwise you'll find most screenings in the evenings. Look out for VOST for English speaking films. 

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Cycling & mountain biking in Courchevel

Enjoy a number of cycling trails and routes in Courchevel and what better way to explore Courchevel than on a bike when you can enjoy the beautiful scenery. Have a look at our cycling guide for more information and explore the cycling routes that are in the area. If you are in Courchevel without your biking gear there are a number of cycle hire shops in who rent and sell bikes, gear and more.

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Cycling in Courchevel

Farm Visits

A great day out for the family where your children will become the farmers apprentice, helping feed the animals, make cheese and look after the pigs, cows and other farmyard animals. Learn all about the animals and the way the farm works whilst having some petting and feeding time of the animals. To be able to participate children must be over the age of 3 and have some good closed shoes and that's it, your children can then be farmers for the day!

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Play indoor football all year round at the sports centre in La Praz. 

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There are over 2.5 million people doing geocaching around the world and some of them (perhaps surprisingly) are right here in Courchevel! It’s a relatively new craze that started taking the world by storm in May 2000 after a computer geek decided that GPS could be “really exciting”. He hid some treasure at his home in Portland, America, for people to find, broadcast the GPS coordinates and said, “Come and get it”. His only rule: “Take some stuff, leave some stuff”. And that’s exactly what Geocaching is…you go in search of treasure by using the GPS system on your mobile device – once you’ve found it, you write your name in a logbook and replace the treasure you decide to take. It’s pretty simple really and means, as a family, you can be adventurers together. You won’t usually find anything quite as precious as gold, silver and diamonds but nevertheless it’s quite exciting!

Horse riding in Courchevel

Hop on a horse and enjoy the fantastic trails in Courchevel. You can cover more ground than on foot, get and elevated view of the beautiful scenery and hopefully get a closer peek at the wildlife. 

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Hot-air ballooning

One of the best ways to take the spectacular mountain scenery from a different point of view is on a hot-air balloon. There are activity companies in Courchevel offering balloon rides, which usually take up half a day including preparation and inflation.

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Husky-dog rides

Be in charge of your own sled and team of excitable husky dogs, driving them along forest paths in winter. After a brief explanation of how to make your team stop and start, you set off following the guide’s team. If this all sounds a bit much you can opt for a less physical outing where you sit in the sled and the guide does all the hard work! It's a very popular winter activity, so booking at least 48 hours in advance is a must. They run from early December to the end of April (snow-permitting). 

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Ice-skating / Hockey

Put your skates on and head for the indoor rink, or watch the local teams play ice hockey in Courchevel. 

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Indoor activities in Courchevel

If you're in a group and fancy doing something different, especially on bad weather days, head to the bowling lanes!

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Courchevel is a mecca for mountain biking, with varying terrain and fantastic views it is perfect for mountain biking enthusiasts. With the whole of the mountain area to explore, the different and varied terrains suit bikers of all levels. So you can enjoy a leisurely cycle around some of the lower level trails with the whole family.

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Mountain Biking in Courchevel

Nature Reserves & Parks

The Vanoise National Park is located in the heart of the Savoie region. Created in 1963, it was the first French national park and it covers a large territory where you can find a stunning mountain landscape with lakes, and beautiful vegetation. It is also well-known for its population of Alpine ibex, as well as many other animals like chamois, marmots and more than 100 species of birds.

For a day immersed in nature you can also head to La Rosière Natural Site, a beautiful area at the bottom of the Vallée des Avals with a lake and a campsite where you can enjoy a picnic or a barbecue. There are botanical and orienteering walks and a chalet where you can have a drink with some snacks to round up a perfect family day out.

Nature Parks in Courchevel

Night Skiing

Fancy a bit of night skiing in Courchevel? Come along for the chance to ski down to resort to the sound of music on a floodlit Verdons piste! Every Wednesday during the school holidays you can ride from Courchevel 1850 on the Verdons gondola and Sources drag lift at night, have fun in the family park and enjoy a hot drink or dinner at the mountain restaurants Les Verdons and Le Chalet de Pierres. 

Skiing & snowboarding in Courchevel

The main draw for people coming to Courchevel in winter is of course the skiing and snowboarding. With the whole of the 3 valleys to ski in, Courchevel has something for every level of experience. 

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Ski Area in Courchevel

Snow & ice activities in Courchevel

This is one winter activity that doesn't require a lot of expensive equipment, just grab your sledge and head for the nearest snow-covered hill! You can pick up a sledge at one of the many ski hire shops or sports shops in Courchevel or take a look through the adventure companies who might offer something a little different.. 

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Snow-grooming / Piste-bashing

Have you ever thought about what it would be like to drive one of the Snow Cats that are busy through the night grooming the pistes to perfection? Well now you can not just think about it, you can have a go at it for yourself. In Courchevel they are now offering you the opportunity to drive the Snow Cat under the supervision of a professional co-pilot. For 20 minutes you can bash, groom and alter the pistes with this lesson held in the beasts that tame the mountains for us. This introduction is available for ages 6 and above, so it can be a special treat for anyone, as you get an introduction into the world of Snow Cat driving!

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Raquette à Neige or Snow-shoeing in and around Courchevel is a perfect activity for bad weather conditions or for non-skiers. Don't forget to wear comfortable and waterproof boots. Either set out on your own, or join a group led by a knowledgeable local guide and explore the hidden parts of the ski area. Snowshoes and ski poles are provided by most companies offering this as an experience, or you can hire snowshoes from most Sports Shops or Ski Hire Shops, grab a trail map from the Tourist Office and head off on your own adventure. Be sure to check the weather forecast before you go.

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Most hotels, lots of chalets and apartments have their own swimming facilities, however there are also municipal swimming baths that you can visit, which often come free with your lift pass purchase. Although the new Aquamation centre in Courchevel Moriond is THE place to take a dip and relax whilst you're in the area. 

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Tennis & racket sports in Courchevel

Tennis is a great way to get the legs moving and to enjoy the sunny summertime weather. You can play a friendly game or have a lesson, whatever you choose to do it is a great way to have fun with friends and family. Open during the summer season there are tennis courts and  training walls in Courchevel. Lessons are usually  available in groups or privately. Perfect as a family outing you can hire a court and when tiredness hits you can enjoy some refreshments and snacks at the tennis club or café. 

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Tree-top / Forest adventures

Head to the adventure park for a day, and everyone is guaranteed to leave with a big smile on their face. Adventure parks are designed for children and adults to play, explore, exercise and have fun in the natural mountain surroundings.  Enjoy the thrills of adventure courses created in the forest in the mountains. The ropes, swings, tunnels, trees and activities will be a great day for children and adults alike. With all the protective gear provided and safety information given you can head out and enjoy the trees and wilderness. Qualified guides will be around the course throughout to make sure you are safe and having as much fun as possible. Different courses and tracks can be tried and tested, each one with a varying level of difficulty. There are courses designed for children only and tracks for juniors and adults to enjoy.

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Via Ferrata

Via Ferrata climbing offers an element of security that still allows beginners to enjoy the achievement of having scaled a mountain! This form of climbing was invented by Italian soldiers in the Dolomites who used it to enable them to scale vertiginous faces easily and quickly. These days it is a popular sport that makes the thrill of mountain climbing more accessible to children, beginners and those who want a bit more security when they climb.

Following marked routes through the mountains you are helped along by steps, bridges and ladders whilst being roped up for extra safety. Suitable for adults and children over the age of 8. Guides can be arranged on request and there are a number of adventure companies who can take you on your Via Ferrata adventure. 

Beginners can take their first steps at Lac de le Rosiere, where you will find fairly easy routes on which to find your head for heights! There are more challenging routes at the Croix des Verdons, which can be reaches by taking the Verdons cablecar followed by the Sauliere cable car and then walking for 10 minutes from the top station towards a crest. The route itself is quite physically demanding, leading you down narrow passages and along steep ledges, but is well equipped. The full route should take around 2-3 hours.

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Walking, hiking & running in Courchevel

In the summer months Courchevel is a mecca for walking and hiking in the beautiful alpine mountains. As the snow melts and the sun begins to shine the mountains make an excellent place to head out on a hike or walk. Walking is the perfect activity for groups, families and friends, and you can pick from a number of routes ranging in difficulty, including easy child friendly walks. Along the way enjoy the fantastic mountain views, beautiful scenery and wildlife that is normally hidden in the winter months. Check out our walking and hiking guide for more details on hiking in Courchevel. 

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Walking Routes in Courchevel

Waterskiing & Wakeboarding

There is a new wake park in Courchevel Le Praz where you can hit the jumps in the lake thanks to an overhead tow line. 

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Watersports in Courchevel

If you haven't experienced white water rafting before then this is a definite 'must try' on your list of activities to do! There are a number of trained guides in resort who will let you experience some of the best white water rafting available in the Alps. From the middle of May until September, the mountain rivers flow furiously as they are fed from the melt waters running off the glaciers high above the town. There are various options available from a three hour adrenaline rush to a full days excursion - this activity is guaranteed not to disappoint.

For an easier and more relaxing water activity, you can also try the Water Balls that allow you to walk over the water in total safety.

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Watersports To Do in Courchevel