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Ski pass prices in Courchevel

Discover and book Courchevel lift passes


Courchevel is part of the Three Valleys - the world's largest ski area. There are more than 650km of pistes here, spread over the resorts of Courchevel, Méribel and Val Thorens. If you're someone who likes to get the most out of their lift pass, this is a the place to come!

For skiers and snowboarders, your main options are:

  • Courchevel Valley pass - the cheaper local ski pass, which gives you access to 150km of pistes
  • Three Valleys pass - whole area pass, offering access to a whopping 600km of pistes from Courchevel all the way across to Val Thorens.

A ski pass is the same thing as a lift pass - it's a credit card sized ticket that allows you to ride the lifts and ski the slopes in Courchevel.

Courchevel ski pass prices (€) for 2023/24 high season
Name of pass 1 day price for an adult 6 day price for an adult
Three Valleys ski pass 75 375
Courchevel ski pass 68 340

Most people buy a 6 day pass if they're coming for a week.

How and where to buy your ski pass

You can buy your Courchevel ski pass online and have it delivered to your home, or you can collect it from one of the ski pass offices in resort.

You can also buy your pass at any of the ski pass offices, but to get the best price we recommend you buy online at least three days in advance.

On top of the lift pass price, you’ll be asked to pay €3 for a hands-free card to use on the turnstiles. This goes for everyone, including children under five (who go free on the lifts).

Hang on to your card at the end of your holiday. You’ll be able to use it on future trips to Courchevel.

Don't forget to bring a copy of your receipt on holiday. If you lose your lift pass on the mountain, you'll need the receipt to get a replacement.

If you're coming for 10 days or more

Make sure you have a passport-sized photo for everyone in your party before you buy your lift pass.


About Courchevel Ski Pass Prices

Season dates in Courchevel

Lifts usually open around the middle of December and close in April. 

The winter season in Courchevel runs from 2 December 2023 to 21 April 2024. Because there are three main resorts in the Three Valleys, actual season dates may vary from ski area to ski area. 

Early or late season skiing 

Ski passes tend to be cheapest right at the beginning and end of the season, when snow cover is less guaranteed.

If you’re considering coming then, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on our Courchevel snow report and forecast for an up-to-date view of local conditions.

About Courchevel Ski Pass Prices

Deals and discounted ski passes in Courchevel

These are our top tips for saving money on your ski pass.

  • Come early or late in the season
  • Buy a family pass
  • Buy before the start of the season
  • Buy online at least 3 days in advance
  • Buy multiple days - you’ll get a much better day rate
  • Choose a Courchevel pass over a Three Valleys pass
Concessions and discounts on Chamonix ski passes
Name of pass Access Offer
Family discount All areas 2 adults pay kids' prices when booking as a family (2 adults + 2 to 7 children)
TRIBU group discount All areas Money off when you buy your ski passes online in a single transaction - for groups of 3 to 20 people
Early and late season discounts All areas Money off when you come in the first and last few weeks of the season
Weekend deal All areas Get 20% off when you buy a pass online for the weekend (Saturday only, or Saturday + Sunday)
Veteran discounts All areas Skiers over the age of 75 ski for free
Pedestrian passes Certain lifts Money off for snowshoers, alpinists and non-skiers/snowboarders


Group ski passes in Courchevel

Get money off a Three Valleys lift pass when you book as a group. 

How to qualify for a 'TRIBU' pass

You'll need to: 

  • buy the passes online at the same time
  • choose the same pass (a Three Valleys pass) 
  • buy passes for 6 or 7 days or more

For groups of 20 or more

You can get special discounts for groups of 20 or more. Talk to someone at one of the ski pass offices in Courchevel for details.

Group ski pass prices per person (€) for 2023/24
  Duration Cost
3+ people
6 days 355
7 days 413

Family ski passes in Courchevel

If you're coming for six days or more, a family discount is a great way to save money on what is often one of the most expensive parts of your trip to the mountains. 

In Courchevel, when you buy your ski passes together as a family, each person in the family group pays the child's rate - which means adults save around €75 each on a six-day pass.

You can get a family discount on passes for the Courchevel ski area or the Three Valleys.

Family ski pass prices per person (€) for 2023/24
Duration Courchevel pass Three Valleys pass
6 days 272 300
7 days 314.40 346.40

How to qualify

Your family group must: 

  • have at least two adults and two children (aged five to 18 years) in it
  • have no more than seven children in it
  • buy passes for six days or more
  • buy the passes online at the same time

Everyone will need their own hands-free pass to get through the turnstiles.

Beginner ski passes in Courchevel

If you're learning to ski for the first time, you don't need to buy a lift pass - at least not just yet. 

The following lifts in Courchevel are free to use: 

  • La Tania: Troika and Le Praz
  • Courchevel 1300: Envolée
  • Courchevel village: Roys
  • Courchevel Moriond: Belvedere and Mickey
  • Courchevel: Cospillot, Bellecote and Etoiles
About Courchevel Ski Pass Prices

Free ski passes in Courchevel

You heard it right, you can ski for free in Courchevel ... but only if you're under five years old, or over 75.

You'll still need to pay €3 for a hands-free card to get through the turnstiles, but this can be used on subsequent visits to Courchevel. 

It's a good idea to take ID when you buy a hands-free card. You may be asked to prove how old you or your kids are. 

It's also free to: 

  • use some of the beginner lifts
  • go cross country (nordic) skiing in Courchevel
About Courchevel Ski Pass Prices

3 Valleys ski pass price list

Where can you ski with a Three Valleys lift pass?
The 3 Valleys ski pass includes access to 600km of marked pistes. With this pass, you can enjoy the full extent of the world’s largest ski areas, which incorporates seven linked ski resorts: Méribel/Mottaret, Courchevel, La Tania, Val Thorens, Les Menuires/St Martin de Belleville, Orelle and Brides Les Bains. Three Valleys lift passes are available from four hours to 14 days, as well as for the whole season.

Who should buy a Three Valleys ski pass?
The 3 Valleys ski pass suits intermediate to expert skiers who want to have access to one of the largest ski areas in the world. However, you don't have to be an expert to ski the Three Valleys as there are plenty of greens and blues across the area to allow any level of skier or boarder to enjoy it. Those staying in Courchevel for more than a couple of days, should also consider buying a Three Valleys pass as they have plenty of time to explore the 328 runs on offer.

Ski pass prices in the Three Valleys - 2023/24
Per person
13 to 64 yrs
5 to 12 yrs
65 to 75 yrs
4 hours 67 53.60 60.30
1 day 75 60 67.50
2 days 150 120 135
6 days 375 300 337.50
About Courchevel Ski Pass Prices

Courchevel ski pass price list

Where can you ski with a Courchevel lift pass?
The Courchevel lift pass gives you unlimited access to the 58 lifts in the Courchevel ski area, with 150km of pistes. Courchevel ski passes are available from four hours to 14 days, as well as for the whole season.

Who should buy a Courchevel ski pass?
Courchevel ski passes are perfect for beginner to intermediate skiers who will enjoy the gentle and wide green (19) and blue (35) runs. However, don't think this pass doesn't suit expert skiers – the ski area boasts 34 red and eight challenging black pistes and access to some great off-piste. The Courchevel ski pass is also a great option for those staying in the area for a short period of time. Alternatively, if you don’t plan on skiing hard all day, every day, or have to get back to meet your little ones in ski school, then this local area pass will also suit you.

Holders of a Courchevel Pass of two days duration or more are also entitled to one entry into the Aquamotion Spa & Wellness Centre in Courchevel Village.

Ski pass prices in Courchevel - 2023/24


Per person

13 to 64 yrs
5 to 12 yrs
65 to 75 yrs
4 hours 58 46.40 52.50
1 day 68 54.40 61.20
2 days 136 108.80 122.40
6 days 340 272 306.00

Can you upgrade your Courchevel ski pass to a Three Valleys ski pass?
Yes, if your ski pass is valid for at least two days there are one day extensions available. Please enquire at one of the ski pass offices.

About Courchevel Ski Pass Prices

Pedestrian passes in Courchevel

Pedestrians can also enjoy the Three Valleys ski area in the winter.

Pedestrian rates are available for one to 21 days, or for the whole season. There are also single and return trips on individual lifts available.

Pedestrian passes are only available to buy at the ski pass offices in resort. You can't buy them online.

Pedestrian pass prices per person (€) for 2023/24
Duration Per person
1 day 28
6 days 85

Cross-country ski passes in Courchevel

Good news for cross country (nordic) skiers: there's no need to buy a pass. The 67km of trails in the Courchevel valley are completely free of charge.

You can hire cross country skis, poles and boots from most sports shops. 

You can also pick up a guide booklet and map from any of the ski pass offices to show you where the trails are.

About Courchevel Ski Pass Prices

Annual and season passes in Courchevel

How much are season passes in Courchevel?
Courchevel season pass prices depend on your age and type of ski pass. There are family and group discounts available.

What's included in your 3 Valleys season pass?
Holders of the Three Valley season pass benefit from a reciprocal agreement with several prestigious ski resorts around the world. Get a free three day pass for Shiga Kogen (Japan), Mount Buller (Australia), La Parva and Valle Nevado (Chile) as well as a two day pass for the three Vail Resorts in the USA.

With your Three Valleys season pass, you'll also get four luge tickets, free night skiing in Courchevel and a free one day Three Valleys pass for a friend.

Ski season pass prices in Courchevel - 2023/24
Per person
Courchevel Three Valleys
30 to 64yrs
1,320 1,550
Child/young adult
5 to 29yrs
924 1,085
65 to 75yrs
1,188 1,395
3+ people
- 1,470
2 Adults+2 Children
812.10 1,085
About Courchevel Ski Pass Prices

Other passes in Courchevel

Are there any other passes available in Courchevel?
Yes, there are! Courchevel offers special passes for activities such as the sledge run or 'luge', as well as a subscription-based ski pass.

Luge passes
The sledge run in Courchevel Moriond is a whopping 3km in length and has an impressive 450m of descent. Travelling under the brand new Ariondaz gondola, it zooms through tunnels, zips over bridges and flies around the bends of an insane racecourse. Children must be over five years old and those under 1.25m must be accompanied by an adult.

Three Vallées Liberté Pass
If you are a regular skier in Courchevel and the 3 Valleys, then the 3 Vallées Liberté card may be of interest to you. Anyone that skis at least eight non-consecutive days a season can benefit from the total freedom to ski whenever they want without having to pass by the ticket office each time. Payment is debited directly from your bank account after you have enjoyed your day on the slopes and you can check your account online anytime. The more you ski, the greater the reductions you can accumulate with 10% off the daily public adult rate throughout the season and 20% off the daily public every Saturday on adult 3 Valleys pass prices. Your ninth ski day is free and then each sixth day after that. This pass is only available to buy online, and there is an annual subscription fee.

About Courchevel Ski Pass Prices

Where to buy ski passes in Courchevel

There are two main ways of purchasing your Courchevel ski pass: online and in resort.

How to buy your Courchevel ski passes online – A step-by-step guide
To save time and money, you can pre-order your Courchevel ski passes online. The process is really simple:

  1. Click on the button below, which will take you to Courchevel's main lift pass website.
  2. Select the area you want to ski in (Courchevel or 3 Valleys), the duration of the passes, your first ski day and the number of people, including their ages.
  3. Any discounts you may be eligible for will be automatically applied to the price of your passes.
  4. State whether you already have a rechargeable card (in which case you'll need to insert its WTP number – see below for more information) or you don't (a €3 fee will be added for the card).
  5. You can also choose if you want ski insurance or not – we recommend you add it.
  6. Create an account with your personal details.
  7. Choose whether you want your ski passes to be delivered to your home address for a small fee (allow at least 10 days for delivery outside France and seven days within France), or you prefer to pick them up at one of the ski pass offices in resort.
  8. Pay for your ski passes.

That's it, you're all ready to hit the slopes!

How to buy your Courchevel ski passes in resort
You can also buy your pass at a lift pass office when you get to resort. If you're uncertain of the pass you need or are looking to see how the weather is before buying your pass, then this can be a good option. The lift pass office staff is also great at advising exactly which pass is best for you while some passes, such as pedestrian and beginner lift passes, are only available at the ski pass offices. Be warned, though, you may have to queue, especially at busy times.

Ski pass insurance in Courchevel

The prices on this page do not include insurance.

You’ll be given the option to add ski insurance when you buy your Courchevel or Three Valleys ski pass. This is provided by Carré Neige and normally costs around €3 a day. 

You don’t have to buy insurance from the lift company, but we can’t stress enough how important it is to have a snow sports policy in place before you come skiing or snowboarding in Courchevel.  

Hopefully you’ll never have an accident. But if you have to be helicoptered off the mountain, or spend any time in hospital in France, you could end up with a huge bill.

About Courchevel Ski Pass Prices

How ski passes work in Courchevel

Ski passes in Courchevel are loaded onto a rechargeable SmartMedia card, which is more or less the size of a credit card and has a chip that stores the lift pass information. This hands-free card is read remotely at the entrance of the lifts, so you just need it to put it in a pocket on your left side (many ski jackets have a special pocket on the left sleeve) and the turnstile will activate remotely as you pass through. Keep it away from your credit cards, mobile phone or other ski passes as they may obstruct the card reading. Hands-free cards cost €3 in Courchevel, and this fee is not refundable.

What is a ski pass WTP number? You can recharge and top-up your Courchevel hands-free card as many times as you want over several years. In order to do so, you need to enter the card's WTP (Wireless Transaction Protocol) number when purchasing your pass online. You can find this number on your card. After you've recharged your hands-free card in advance, you can generally go directly to the lifts without having to stop at the lift pass offices.

Worth knowing – About Courchevel and Three Valleys ski passes
Unless otherwise stated, ski passes and prices are generally subject to the following terms:

  • A hands-free pass costs €3 if you don't already have one to recharge.
  • A photo is required for free passes and season passes.
  • The type or duration of the ski pass refers to consecutive days.
  • Prices shown are for the main season.
  • Passes are strictly personal and non-transferable.
  • Longer duration ski passes are available online and in resort.

Prices, offers, discounts and conditions are shown here as a guide only and are subject to change – to be confirmed at the time of booking. Further terms and conditions may apply. Prices may be subject to changes in sales tax.

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Once you've got your ski pass you may be thinking about booking ski lessons, check out ski schools and take a look at our where to stay in Courchevel guide. 

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