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Short Family Walks in Courchevel

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Courchevel has a range of walks, hikes and trails that are suitable for families and younger children, on the maps some of these are labelled as being "very easy" making them great for everyone. With the beautiful mountain views, interesting terrain and alpine scenery, a family walk can be fun for everyone.

The walks suggested in the gentle walks section are also great for families with young children, and with many of the trails within walking distance, or a short bus journey, from the centre of the resort you can head for a stroll around any number of them.

It's always worth noting that for younger children back packs with water and snacks are a great idea as some of the routes may have no refreshment stops during the walk.

Below are some of the routes that are family friendly.

Walk 1 - Chemin decouverte des Verdons
Starting point: TC Verdons (Courchevel)
Duration: 45min
This short walk is perfect for families who are looking for something fun and suitable with young children. The trail is themed so will have plenty to keep kids occupied along the way. Starting from the top of TC Verdons you can start the walk by heading down towards Courchevel. The trail only takes around 45 minutes and you finish in Courchevel. This route is labelled 'five' on the walking map.

Walk 2 - Cascade des Poux
Starting point: Lac Rosiere
Duration: 2h
A slightly longer walk with children but starting at the beautiful Lac Rosiere, the trail goes in a loop through forests, with a themed trail that is fun for children and the lake is a great place to have a rest or picnic at the end of the walk. Starting at Lac Rosiere, which is located near to Courchevel Moriond take the trail that loops around through trees and forestry and you will end up back at the lake at the end. This route is labelled 'two' on the walking map.