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Transfer Options for Courchevel

Discover the top Courchevel airport shuttle options


Courchevel is located in the Tarentaise Valley and is part of the Three Valleys, one of the largest ski areas in the world. The most convenient airport for Courchevel is Geneva as it offers the greatest choice of airlines, frequent flight times and the most competitive prices To reach the Three Valleys' world-famous pistes from Geneva airport quickly and comfortably, your best bet is to book an airport transfer.

We’ve got the inside track on what to know and watch out for when booking a transfer from Geneva airport to Courchevel, so read on for our complete guide.

How to get from Geneva airport to Courchevel

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Geneva airport is 190km from the centre of Courchevel. To get here, we recommend you book an airport transfer.

How do you get from Geneva airport to Courchevel?
The easiest and most convenient way to get to Courchevel is to book an airport transfer. The Geneva to Courchevel transfer time is around 2 hours 25 minutes but will be longer on snowy days and in peak weeks, such as Christmas, New Year, school holidays and Easter.

Another option if you can't easily find transfers for the flight times you have chosen is to hire a car from Geneva airport, which also gives you the freedom to move around and visit neighbouring resorts. Nevertheless, driving on the snow means that you have safety and potential damage to consider, while snow tyres should be added to the final cost on the hire options.

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How to Get to Courchevel

Closest airport to Courchevel

Geneva airport

Even if Geneva is the most convenient airport when travelling to Courchevel, it’s not the nearest one. There are other airports that offer shorter transfer times, however, they also present a few drawbacks.

What's the nearest airport to Courchevel?
The closest airport to Courchevel is Chambery, a little over 100km from the centre of resort. While it’s faster to get to Courchevel from Chambery (around 1 hour 30 minutes), flights are generally more expensive and rarer, as they are usually tour operator charters.

These are the average transfer times and distances from the main airports and train stations to Courchevel. The values are approximate and can be affected by snow, bad weather or peak holiday times:

Airport to Courchevel Transfer Times & Distances
Geneva to Courchevel 2hrs25 190km
Grenoble to Courchevel 2hrs10 182km
Lyon to Courchevel 2hrs10 185km
Chambery to Courchevel 1hr30 109km
Moutiers train station to Courchevel 40mins 25km

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Airports for Courchevel

Transfer prices in Courchevel

A road in the winter

Courchevel ski transfer prices will vary depending on whether you're booking a private or a shared transfer, as well as on dates (with off-peak weeks generally offering cheaper transfers), times (it may be cheaper to travel in the middle of the day as transfer companies will be able to group more people together), availability, vehicle and/or group size, etc.

How much do Courchevel airport transfers cost?
The average price of a one-way shared transfer from Geneva to Courchevel starts at around €60, going up to €400 for a private transfer. From other airports, most Courchevel ski transfers are on a private basis, with a one-way starting at around €250. If you’re after something a bit fancier and most definitely faster, the sky can literally be the limit with a private helicopter luxury transfer taking off from €2200.

Find out average transfer prices from the main airports to Courchevel:

Airport to Courchevel Transfer Prices
Geneva to Courchevel From €60 (shared)
Grenoble to Courchevel From €250 (private)
Lyon to Courchevel From €250 (private)
Chambery to Courchevel From €250 (private)

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Shared vs private transfers

Ttansfer cars

When booking your airport transfer you’ll find that there are two main Courchevel transfer options: shared or private. These depend on whether you book the whole vehicle for yourself and your group or you share it with other people.

What's a shared transfer?
A shared transfer is when companies group passengers arriving at a similar time in the same vehicle, sharing costs among them. They are cheaper than private transfers, the trade-off is that they usually involve longer waiting and travel times. This is because they won't leave the airport until everyone’s plane lands, even if waiting times are usually under an hour. There will also be several stops on the way to drop people off, increasing the journey’s length.

What's a private transfer?
A private transfer is when the vehicle is reserved for your party only. Generally more convenient than shared transfers, they’re also more expensive. They’re the best option for groups and a good alternative when you can’t find a shared transfer around your flight time. Private transfers will leave the airport as soon as you arrive and go straight to your accommodation, making the waiting and journey times shorter. Those who prefer to travel in style will be able to book the latest luxury eco-friendly cars or even fly high in a helicopter.

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Public bus transfers to Courchevel

Model bus in the snow

Using public transport can help keep the costs down on your trip to Courchevel. However, it can take considerably longer than a shared or private transfer as buses usually stop several times along the way and you may need to make a connection in Moutiers, the nearest transport hub in the area.

How do you get from the airport to Courchevel using public transport?
Public bus transfers run from the airports to Courchevel in the winter season, especially during weekends. They usually stop at Moutiers, the closest train station to Courchevel and where Eurostar ski trains from London St Pancras stop, before heading up to resort.

Public transport lines travel between Moutiers and Courchevel a couple of times per day in summer and winter, stopping at the resorts in the Courchevel Valley along the way. The Moutiers to Courchevel 1850 bus transfer time is around 1 hour 10 minutes. You can find the latest bus timetables on our Bus Services in Courchevel page.

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